OPT Date Verification Form

The Date Verification Form (DVF) is a required document for F-1 students applying for Post-OPT. Students who are unsure of what start date to select for their OPT applications can watch this video for tips from the HIO about what to consider when selecting a start date.

Instructions to complete the HIO OPT Date Verification Form: 

  • Please complete all fields with your personal information
  • Requested dates of OPT:
    • Pre-completion OPT: you may choose any date you wish to start and end your employment, but you cannot apply more than 90 days in advance of the proposed start date.
    • Post-completion OPT: you may request a start date that is any date between the day after your graduation or program completion date and 60 days after that date. The end date of your OPT should be 12 months from the requested start date if you have not used OPT during your program. If you have used OPT during your program you must subtract the time you used. For example, if you used 2 months of full time OPT during your program, your end date will be 10 months from the requested start date. Please note that CPT time used does not get subtracted from OPT. However, 12 months of full-time CPT disqualifies you from applying for post completion OPT.
  • Put an X in Full-Time or Part-Time since it is important for the HIO recommendation. If you are applying for OPT to use after graduation, you will select "Full-Time Post-Completion OPT".
  • Carefully read the attestation and electronically sign the bottom of the form.