Counseling Services and Other Assistance

Many students access some form of counseling service during their stay at Harvard. Some of these organizations work with specific academic or personal concerns while other counseling groups are available to discuss anything you might want to talk about without requiring continued attendance. All of the personal counseling services are completely confidential. If seeking help at a formal counseling center is uncomfortable for you, there are always the informal peer-support services or hotlines.

University Health Services

For students who are on the Harvard Student and Affiliate Health Plan the University Health Services (HUHS) staff offers help and guidance with a variety of adjustment issues. Since family and close friends from one's home country are not around it may be helpful to consult a mental health professional when dealing with issues of adjustment, depression, or just feeling overwhelmed. HUHS also offers workshops, peer and group counseling, and other resources to students through Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

International Student Support Group

The International Student Support Group is brought to you by Counseling and Mental Health Services, and provides safe space for international students to come to share their experiences and concerns, find support, and learn skills and strategies to help them manage in a time of uncertainty and change. The group will be led in a drop-in format and does not require students to commit to the entire series. Students can attend as their schedules allow. The group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.

For more information contact Kevin Wehmhoefer LICSW.


In Common is a hotline staffed by American and international students currently at Harvard. They offer a way for students to discuss personal issues confidentially by calling on other Harvard students for support and is a relaxed, friendly way to talk to other students who are interested in helping students. Staff are trained and supervised by professional counselors to answer questions or discuss any subject, and to provide referrals when needed. It is available to graduate students in GSE, GSAS, HKS, HLS, GSD, and the Divinity school. All calls will be received in strict confidence.

Harvard Chaplains

Harvard Chaplains is the umbrella organization of 36 chaplains representing 26 of the world's traditions, united in their commitment to serving Harvard's diverse student communities.

The Vivian Allen International Student Emergency Funds

The Vivian B. Allen Fund provides emergency funds to full-time financially needy international students. The Fund is not a regular financial aid source, but provides emergency assistance to students. Examples of how the fund might be used include payment of uninsured dental expenses or travel grants for family emergencies. Eligible students must contact the Financial Aid Office at their schools for further information and application forms.