F-1 STEM OPT Reporting Form

This STEM OPT Reporting Form should be used for students currently on an active period of STEM OPT completing their mandatory reporting requirements by designated deadlines. 

Access the STEM OPT Reporting Form Here

STEM OPT students are required to use this STEM OPT Reporting Form: 

  • For 6-month report
  • For 12-month (“Self or Mid”) evaluation.
  • For 18-month report.
  • For 24-month final evaluation.
  • If you are ending your STEM OPT employment with an employer before your 24-month STEM OPT period ends (within 10 days of the end of employment).
  • For the completion of Cap-Gap.
  • If the STEM OPT has been approved and you are reporting a change of employer.
  • If the STEM OPT extension application is pending with USCIS, and you are reporting a change of employer.
  • If you are reporting a concurrent/additional employer on STEM.
  • If you have had Material changes to your STEM OPT job (i.e. supervisor changes, new job duties, change in location).
  • If you changed your U.S. residential address and this is your only update.
  • If you are no longer participating in STEM OPT and need to end your F-1 status.

 After you submit your report, you will receive an automatic email from the system and then another email from the HIO once the reporting has been completed in the U.S. government’s SEVIS system. 

For more information about STEM OPT mandatory reporting requirements, please review the STEM OPT Reporting Resource and Worksheet.