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The Department of State consular systems have been experiencing technical difficulties since a software update on July 20th.  The problem is world-wide and not specific to any particular country or visa category.  As a result, this has prevented U.S. embassies and consulates from issuing passports, visas, and other official documents in a timely manner.
The Department of State is working diligently in investigating the cause of the performance issues and to restore full functionality to the global database.
Please refer to the Department of State web site for regular updates on the status of visa issuance and an FAQ on the situation.

The HIO is pleased to announce an informational session entitled Green Cards, Entrepreneurship, and Work Visas: What Do I Need to Know?  Join local immigration law attorney Elizabeth Goss speaking about such topics as H-1Bs, TNs, O-1s, entrepreneurship, green cards and much more during this session sponsored by the HMS Office for Postdoctoral Affairs and the HIO.  The session will be held on Thursday, November 6, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Armenise Amphitheater at the Longwood medical campus.  Q & A to follow.

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It is always interesting when you realize how 'international' Boston is.

Danstan BagendaUgandaSchool of Public Health

Boston, as a city of immigrants, shares the same values and outlook as my Greek birthplace. Strolling along the Charles River or enjoying the sea breeze at the Boston harbor transports me back home.

Eurydice GeorganteliGreeceGSAS

Represented at Harvard this year

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