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January 17, 2018

Are you a graduate student or scholar who wants to communicate more effectively across cultures? Get better at making small talk? Talk confidently about your research? Learn how to speak with authority? If so, you are welcome to attend one or more of these events. These professional development workshop focuses on intercultural communication skills for Harvard’s international environment. For time and place of the events click here. ...

December 19, 2017

If you are outside the U.S. during winter break, please make sure you have all the required visa documents to for reentering the U.S.  If you misplaced your Form I-20 or DS-2019, or forgot to get an updated ...

Personal Stories

I have found it easier and quicker to learn about anything, whether academic or nonacademic, by asking the people around me about it rather than looking up the information online or in books. Therefore my advice to new international students would be to really utilize people around them as resources.

Billy Koech - Kenya - Harvard College

I met an incredible and very diverse group of people, from all over the world who taught me so many things at so many levels.  So I think in that sense, coming to Harvard makes you a truly global citizen

Mariano Gomez Luque - Argentina - Graduate School of Design

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