Special Considerations When Applying for A Visa

• Depending on your field of study and your country of origin, you could be put through a security check which could delay the entire visa application process. Please keep that in mind when applying for a visa.

• While you can apply for a visa at U.S. embassy or consulate in any country outside the U.S., it is always better to apply in your home country.

• Please keep in mind that you must be able to prove your eligibility for a non-immigrant visa by presenting credible financial information along with the rest of your documents. You should also be prepared to answer questions regarding the length of your intended stay in the U.S. and how you will use your academic experience gained in the U.S. when you return to your home country.  Consular officials expect to see evidence of your ties to your home country, such as family, property, employment, bank accounts, etc.  If the consular official determines that you are not eligible for a non-immigrant visa because you have not presented sufficient evidence that you intend to return home, there is usually no recourse to the visa denial unless you are able to present new information that proves strong ties to your home country.  You may also be asked to present evidence that you have maintained legal immigration status if you have worked, studied, or resided in the United States previously.