J Research Scholar and Professor Category

J-1 Research Scholars participate in research and related activities at the University. J-1 Professors participate in teaching and research at the University.

J-1 visa holders in the Research Scholar and Professor categories may remain in the United States for up to five years on the J-1 visa. There are some restrictions to these categories. Individuals who have been in the United State as J-1 Exchange Visitors in any category for more than 6 months are not eligible for the Research Scholar or Professor category unless they have been outside the United States for the previous 12 months. In addition, research scholars or professors who complete their J-1 programs and leave the United States may not return in the Research Scholar or Professor category of the J-1 visa for 24 months.

J-1 visa holders at Harvard are expected to conduct their academic activities at Harvard only. However, it is possible for J-1 Research Scholars or Professors to accept occasional lecture or consultation opportunities and to accept reimbursement for expenses. If an occasional lecture or consultation involves compensation for services, the J-1 Research Scholar or Professor must obtain written permission from the HIO before participating in this type of activity outside Harvard. If a scholar will receive wages or other remuneration for lectures or consultations, the J-1 regulations require that the scholar act as an independent contractor.

The spouse and children of a J-1 visa holder hold J-2 status and may apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for permission to work in the United States. The HIO is able to assist with these applications.