F-1 Post-Completion OPT Reporting Form

All F-1 students on post-completion OPT are required to report any of the following changes within 10 days:

  • Name and address of employer
  • Any change of name of student or residential address
  • Any interruption of employment
  • Any change of employer

At the start of the approved period of OPT, students will receive an email from SEVP with a link to create an account in the SEVP portal.  The link is valid for only 14 days.  If you do not access the link within the 14 days, it will expire and you will have to contact your HIO advisor so they can request that a new link be sent to you.  If you never receive an email from SEVP (and have checked your spam/junk folders) or you become locked out of your SEVP portal account, please contact your HIO advisor.

Reasons to submit the HIO Post-Completion OPT Reporting Form:

  1. If your new employment start date is more than 10 days before the date you are reporting in the portal, you will need to submit the HIO reporting form so that the HIO can ensure your employment information and dates are entered accurately in your record.
  2. If you need to end your F-1 OPT status (i.e., if you have changed visa status in the U.S. or departed the U.S. permanently), you will need to submit the HIO reporting form.
  3. If you need an updated I-20 to reflect your new employment, you should submit the HIO reporting form to inform the HIO of the employment update and request the new I-20 at the same time.  If you do this, you do not need to also update the information yourself in the portal.

Access the post-completion OPT Reporting Form Here

NOTE: If you are on the STEM OPT extension or you have a pending STEM OPT extension application with USCIS, do NOT complete this form. You must use the STEM OPT Reporting Form to report employment or U.S. residential information.