International Payee Tax Compliance Team Outreach Sessions

September 25, 2023

The International Payee Tax Compliance Team (IPTC) periodically holds targeted outreach sessions. Each session in this new series will provide a general overview of an international payee's GLACIER experience, along with reviewing a few tips and FAQs. These 1-hour sessions are intended to support Harvard's international community who are required to complete GLACIER relating to payments they expect to receive, not for Harvard administrators themselves. General GLACIER information and FAQs can also be found on the IPTCTax website.  
Sessions will begin September 25th at 11 am and will run weekly (every Monday from 11am-12pm) through October 30th. Please click here to join this session. You can find more information here.
Any international payee that requires personal assistance to review their individual GLACIER situation beyond what is generally provided, should instead schedule a 1:1 Bookings appointment with a member of the NRA Tax Team.