Personal Stories

United Arab Emirates - Harvard Graduate School of Education

The best experience was being surrounded by like-minded people who want to strive to make a difference, whether small or big. Having the space to be able to listen to other people’s aspirations and future plans was very inspiring.

Ghana - GSAS

Harvard is truly a transforming place. Since coming to Harvard, I have experienced tremendous growth and maturity in my academic, professional, and social life.

Israel - Harvard Medical School

Harvard is like Disneyland for scientists. Overwhelming amount of attractions, as world experts in basically any field of research, are centered together in a vivid and collaborative environment. The power of Harvard as a brand clearly shows and I am grateful to be part of it.

Kenya - Harvard College

I have found it easier and quicker to learn about anything, whether academic or nonacademic, by asking the people around me about it rather than looking up the information online or in books. Therefore my advice to new international students would be to really utilize people around them as resources.

Canada - Harvard College

Remain true to who you are. Don't feel like you have to suddenly become "American" now that you're here. Be proud of your cultural and national identity! There's always so much to share and learn.

India - Harvard Graduate School of Education

Each school in Harvard has a diverse student body from international countries across the world and this enriches one’s experience and learning as a student. The message of “One Harvard” is strongly felt when you sit for conversations with students and Alum from Harvard back in India, Boston or internationally.

Peru - Graduate School of Design

I have met amazing people that make feel like at home. It is surprising to meet new people of different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures that share similar experiences and ambitions than mine. That helps me to get along easily with them.

India - Harvard Medical School

I feel like there is a lot to learn and imbibe from people due to the vast diversity in the background, culture and personalities and also because the international folklore is quite large.  Hence, every other person I meet on campus has an amazing story to tell and an interesting background to share.

Germany - GSAS

I was attracted to Harvard for its excellent and broad scientific environment. Specifically, in my case Harvard offered a very unique opportunity allowing me (a theoretical physicist) to work very closely with experimentalists; this is a new and refreshing experience for me.

United Kingdom - Harvard College

My best experience at Harvard has been the First-Year International Program, a four day preorientation program for international students. I participated in it when I matriculated, and have had the privilege of been involved in organizing it. Each year it has been  a fantastic way to connect with the international community.

Bhutan - Harvard Divinity School

Harvard is a magnet for attracting both international friends and friends from home whom otherwise you will never meet. My friends now span across all continents and they are as easy as calling them up as soon as you land in any part of the world.

Netherlands - Harvard College

The spirit and energy of the program is unparalleled, and there is something really special about a group of international students from such different places (from literally all over the world), but who feel so connected.

China - Harvard Medical School

Step out your comfort zone and you will see a new world.