Students who hold degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) may be eligible to apply for an additional 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT), for a total of 36 months of post-completion OPT. Only students who have completed degrees in a STEM designated field qualify for this extension.  You can locate your field of study as listed on your Form I-20.  If your field of study does not appear on this list, you are not eligible for a STEM extension. It might be possible to apply for the STEM extension based on a prior U.S. degree in a STEM field. That degree must have been conferred within the past 10 years by an SEVP-certified school that is currently accredited.

Your HIO advisor can help you determine if your degree or concentration is eligible for the STEM extension.  In addition to having completed a degree in a STEM field of study, you must have a job offer or be working for an employer registered with "E-Verify," a federal employment verification system and you and your employer must complete the Form I-983, Training Plan for STEM OPT students.  A guide to completing the I-983 can be found here under Employer Responsibilities and Obligations for STEM OPT.

Employer Relationship

The employer and employee must have a bona fide employer-employee relationship. This means that you must be paid a salary, and be supervised, directly by your employer. You cannot be paid by a job placement company unless you actually work for that company. In an academic environment, you cannot be paid through an external fellowship. For example, you cannot use STEM for a postdoctoral position where you are not paid directly by the host institution.

Using a Prior Degree for the STEM Extension

If you are on post-completion OPT based on a non-STEM degree, you may be eligible to use a prior STEM degree earned from a U.S. institution of higher education to apply for a STEM OPT extension. For example: if you are currently participating in OPT based on a master’s degree in business administration but you previously received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you may be able to apply for a STEM OPT extension based on your bachelor’s degree as long as it is from an accredited U.S. college or university and the OPT employment opportunity is directly related to your bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Please note the following:

  • The prior degree was conferred no more than 10 years prior to submission of the extension application;
  • The prior degree was conferred previous to the degree that provided the basis for the student's current period of standard post-completion OPT;
  • The prior degree was not conferred by a branch campus abroad;
  • The prior degree was conferred by a U.S. educational institution that is accredited and SEVP-certified at the time the student's DSO recommends the student for the 24-month OPT extension;
  • The prior degree is in a degree program category included on the current STEM Designated Degree Program List at the time of the DSO recommendation;
  • The prospective employment that is the basis for the 24-month STEM OPT extension must directly relate to the prior degree;

You must submit an official transcript and a copy of the I-20 that identifies the prior degree. If don't have the I-20, you can provide documentation from your previous school that confirms the degree that was conferred as well as the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code that was assigned to you. USCIS may, or may not, accept such documentation. You can find the major and CIP code in the “Program of Study” section of I-20s issued after July 2015. For forms issued before July 2015, the major will be listed under item 5. There will be no CIP Code.

Click here to request an HIO recommendation for STEM based on a prior degree.

How and When to Apply


You may submit the STEM OPT application up to 90 days before your initial OPT period ends. Submit your application to USCIS no later than two weeks prior to the end of your current OPT EAD card. Your STEM OPT extension request will be denied if USCIS receives your application on or after the end date of your current EAD.



Complete the following two forms and mail or drop off copies of each to your HIO advisor along with a copy of your current EAD card, copy of your Form I-94, and a $300 check payable to “Harvard University”:

Non-Harvard students should contact their home institution for guidance.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already, you must report your Post-Completion OPT Employment information before submitting your STEM extension request. Please complete the Post-Completion OPT Reporting Form with all employers you have worked for during your OPT period. Failure to report your OPT employment will delay the processing of your STEM request.


The HIO will provide the STEM OPT recommendation in the form of a new I-20. Your returned STEM OPT packet will also include detailed written instructions on how to complete your application and instructions on how to mail the application to USCIS.

Instructions to Complete Form I-765

Download the Form I-765

Note: If a data field is too small for the information that you want to enter, please enter as much data as you can and then attach a continuation sheet to the Form I-765 that provides the complete information.

Also note: The expiration date of the Form I-765 is 2/28/2018.  The government is in the process of updating the Form. It is acceptable for you to use the current version until the new version is published regardless of the expiration date listed on the Form.

Download the Continuation Sheet

  •  I am applying for:  Check “Renewal of my permission to accept employment”
  • Items 1-2:  List your name as it appears on your Form I-20 or any other legal names used.
  • Item 3:  Use an address that will be valid at least 4-5 months into the future. If you will move out of your place in less than 3 months, you should use the address of a reliable friend or relative who can receive the card for you.  EADs are considered government documents and cannot be forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service. If you use the address of a friend, the first line of your address in item 3 should read “C/O” (“in care of”) followed by the name of your friend.  If you cannot type in the slash when completing the form, just handwrite the slash in. Then you can list the street number, etc.   It is best not to use a P.O. Box address.
  • Item 4:  List your country of citizenship as it appears on your Form I-20.
  • Items 5-8:  These items are self-explanatory. Please fill in the correct information.
  • Item 9:  Enter your SSN. Leave this box blank if you do not have an SSN. (If you do not have one, you can apply for a Social Security Number with your current OPT EAD.)
  • Items 10-13: This form allows you to apply for an SSN if you don’t have one. This is a new optional process that we suggest that you do not use at this time until we have more experience with it.
  • Item 14: Enter the eleven (11) digit number from your I-94 printout.
  • Item 15: Place an “X” in the box for “Yes”.  Then, indicate to which USCIS office you sent the post-completion OPT application and the dates of approval. Remember to include a copy of your previous EAD in your supporting documents.
  • Item 16: This number refers to the most recent date on which you entered the U.S. in F-1 status. It is usually stamped in your passport in your last trip back to the U.S.
  • Item 17: This section refers to the U.S. port of entry or pre-flight inspection where you were last cleared for entry into the U.S.
  • Item 18-19: List “F1 Student”
  • Item 20: Enter the following in this section for STEM OPT: (C) (3) (C).
  • Item 21: Enter the 6 digit CIP code of your STEM-eligible degree (found on page 1 of your I-20 under Major 1) under the space for “Degree”. List your employer’s name and your employer’s E-Verify Number. Please ensure that you check with your employer for the correct employer name and E-Verify number.
  • Items 22-23: You do not need to complete these items. Just leave them blank.
  • Under "certification", please sign and date the form using black ink.  Give the telephone number where you can be reached easily if USCIS has questions about your application.

Student Responsibilities While on the STEM Extension

Students who are granted a STEM OPT Extension have additional federal reporting requirements.  Failure to satisfy these requirements will automatically invalidate the student’s F-1 status:
A student pursuing the STEM extension must:

  • Work in a paid position for an E-Verify employer at least 20 hours per week
  • Work in a position related to the STEM program major listed under “Program of Study” on the I-20
  • Not work for any employer that is not an E-Verify employer
  • Not have more than 150 days of unemployment time during the entire period of post-completion OPT (regular post-completion OPT and 24-month extension combined)
  • Cannot be self-employed

STEM OPT Training plan

  • Students must report within 10 days any changes to the Training Plan on file. Students are also required to report to their HIO advisor if their employer is not abiding by the terms of the Training Plan
  • Students must submit a fully completed Training Plan evaluation at the end of the first and second twelve month periods of STEM OPT

STEM OPT students must provide the following information to their HIO advisor every six months AND within 10 days of any change

  • Legal name;
  • Residential and mailing address;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone Number;
  • Employer name;
  • Employer address;
  • Employer EIN;
  • Job title or position;
  • Number of hours worked per week (must be at least 20 hours);
  • Supervisor's name;
  • Supervisor's telephone number;
  • Supervisor's email;
  • Employment start-date; and
  • Employment end-date

Change in Employment

Students with a 24-Month STEM extension cannot begin new employment or report a change to their employment without first following the applicable steps below:

  • For changes with the current employer, within 10 days of the changes being made you must submit an updated I-983 detailing the change (e.g., supervisor, new responsibility, change in location), to your HIO Advisor. Please check with your HIO advisor if you are unsure if you need to submit an updated I-983.
  • If you are ending employment, you must complete and submit to the HIO a completed final employment evaluation from page 5 of the I-983 within 10 days of ending the employment.
  • To begin new employment, you must submit a new STEM Extension Request Form and I-983. The new I-983 must be confirmed by the HIO as being complete and meeting all STEM program requirements before you can begin the new employment.


While on STEM OPT, you continue to hold F-1 status sponsored by Harvard and your F-1 record remains active in the government database SEVIS. It is extremely important that you notify your HIO advisor of any changes to your immigration status:

  • If you leave the U.S. permanently, you must notify your HIO advisor before you leave the U.S., and submit to the HIO a completed final employment evaluation from page 5 of the I-983 within 10 days of ending the employment.
  • If you change to another visa status in the U.S., such as H-1B, E-3, G-4, TN, etc. or obtain Permanent Resident status, you must notify your HIO advisor. To report this change, you will need to send your advisor evidence of your new status (e.g. new I-94 arrival/departure record, I-797, or green card). You will also need to submit a completed final employment evaluation from page 5 of the I-983 within 10 days of changing your status.