What is the SEVP Portal?

The SEVP Portal is a tool for F-1 students who have been approved by the USCIS for post-completion OPT/STEM OPT to update the following:

For students on Post-completion OPT

Employment Information

  • Employment start date and end date
  • Employer name and address
  • Brief description on how employment relates to studies
  • Indicate full-time or part-time employment

• Personal Information

  • Current physical address in the U.S.
  • Current mailing address in the U.S. (if different from physical address)
  • Current telephone number

For students on STEM OPT Extension

• Personal Information

  • Current physical address in the U.S.
  • Current mailing address in the U.S.
  • Current telephone number

When you are on STEM OPT EXTENSION MUST you must contact your HIO advisor to make any changes to employment and comply with all STEM OPT reporting requirements, including the completion of the final evaluation and the new Form I-983.  You can find all reporting requirements on the HIO web site.

While working on OPT, do I need to use the Portal to update my employer or address information?

The SEVP Portal is an optional functionality. You must still update the HIO directly on the Post-completion OPT Reporting Form.

You do not need to create a Portal account as you will continue to update your address and employment status directly through the HIO.  Using the Portal does not automatically update any Harvard data systems.  At this time our recommendation is for you to continue to submit your updates via the HIO rather than the SEVP Portal. This ensures that your OPT employment information is reported consistently and correctly.

How can I access the SEVP Portal?
You can only access the SEVP Portal once you receive your EAD and your OPT start date has been reached. On the first day of your approved OPT (start date on your EAD) you will receive an email from containing an access link to the SEVP Portal. Click on the link and set up a unique password. In advance, you should add the email listed above to your Trusted Sender List (non-spam list). Please also check your spam/junk mail if you do not see an email in your inbox as of the start date of your EAD.

Is there help for creating an SEVP Portal Account?
You may access videos for step by step instructions on how to set up and use your account.

To which email account will the SEVP Portal access information be sent?
The email will be sent to the email address listed on your HIO OPT Date Verification Form that you completed when you applied for OPT.

What if I do not receive the initial email on my first day of approved OPT?
If you have already checked your spam/junk mail folder and the email from is not there, please contact your HIO advisor to confirm what email is on file. Your HIO advisor will submit a request on your behalf to have the link re-sent to you.

How can I log in to the Portal?
You can log in by clicking here.

How often do I need to access the SEVP Portal throughout my OPT period?
You must access the Portal every 90 days, even if you do not have any updates to make. The SEVP Portal will lock after 90 days of inactivity and you will have to contact your HIO advisor to reset your account.

Can I use the same SEVP Portal password for the duration of my OPT?
You must change your password every 90 days and you should not share your password with anyone under any circumstances.  When your password is close to expiring you will be prompted by the SEVP Portal to change your password upon logging in.

I have been locked out of my account.  How do I unlock it?
Please contact your HIO advisor to reset your account.

What do I do after I update my employment information in the SEVP Portal?
If you choose to update your information in the SEVP Portal, each time you send updates via the SEVP Portal, you must also submit the Post-completion OPT Reporting Form to the HIO.

I am working for two different employers on post-completion OPT. Can I list both in the SEVP Portal?
Yes, you must add one employer and then click “Add New Employer” to add the second.

I switched jobs on OPT. What do I do in the SEVP Portal to reflect my job change?
Be sure to enter your last date of employment for your previous position. Then click “Add Employment” and enter your new employment information. Do not delete your previous employer’s information.

I am self-employed, working remotely or working for a staffing agency. What address should I list for the employer address in the SEVP Portal?
Please complete as much information as you can in the SEVP Portal and submit to the HIO the Post-completion OPT Reporting Form including what you believe to be your employer address.  An HIO advisor will contact you if there are any issues regarding the address you submitted.  If you are self-employed working out of your home, use your home address as your employer address.

My name has changed. Can I update this information in the SEVP Portal?
Please contact your HIO advisor to update this information.

My email address has changed. Can I update this information in the SEVP Portal?

  • It is not possible for you to update your email address.  Please contact your HIO advisor to update this information.