STEM OPT Reporting Form

The STEM OPT Reporting Form should be used for students on STEM OPT completing their 6 month reporting requirement, or updating a change of residential address.

Students with a 24-Month STEM extension cannot begin new employment or report a change to their employment without first following the applicable steps below:

  • For changes with the current employer, within 10 days of the changes being made you must submit an updated I-983 detailing the change (e.g., supervisor, new responsibility, change in location), to your HIO Advisor. Please check with your HIO advisor if you are unsure if you need to submit an updated I-983.
  • If you are ending employment, you must complete and submit to the HIO a completed final employment evaluation from page 5 of the I-983 within 10 days of ending the employment.
  • To begin new employment, you must submit a new STEM Change of Employer Form and I-983. The new I-983 must be confirmed by the HIO as being complete and meeting all STEM program requirements before you can begin the new employment.

Please refer to the STEM information on the HIO website and contact your HIO Advisor for more information.

(The SEVIS ID is found on your SEVIS Form I-20 in the top left hand corner, beginning with the letter "N". Format your entry like this: "N1234567890")
6-Month Reporting Requirement
Residential Address
The HIO must be able to communicate with you. Therefore please provide a primary e-mail address which you will use during your F-1 visa status.

Submitting this form will not automatically generate a new I-20. If you need a new I-20, please contact your HIO Advisor.

If this reporting coincides with the midpoint of your STEM OPT period (12 months), you will also need to complete a midpoint evaluation (located on page 5 of I-983) to satisfy your reporting requirements. Please contact your HIO Advisor for more information.