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On-Line Appointment System


Make an Appointment

OLAS allows you to make your own appointment on-line with an advisor in the HIO to discuss immigration issues related to your studies or work at Harvard University. If you have trouble making an appointment on your own please call 617-495-2789 or visit the HIO to schedule an appointment. Please note, many simple questions and processes do not require an appointment. There is an advisor on-call (AOC) during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, except for holidays) to handle quick questions and to provide travel signatures.

Appointments regarding permanent residence for faculty and high level researchers, health insurance information, spouse and family related questions, and other matters not related to immigration should be made by telephone in order to be scheduled with the appropriate staff member. Please call our receptionist at 617-495-2789 to schedule these appointments.

Once an appointment is made successfully you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please be sure to read the e-mail prior to your appointment because it has important information such as what you may need to bring to the appointment.

OLAS Guidelines

  • If you need help scheduling an appointment on-line, please call our office at 617-495-2789.
  • Be sure to click the "Finish" button in the lower right corner in order to finalize your appointment. You should receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Please bring your confirmation e-mail to your appointment.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not click on "Finish" and will have to reenter the system in order to make your appointment.

To give feedback about OLAS, the On-line Appointment System, or to report problems please contact: Ricardo Maldonado

F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) Appointments

OLAS is also intended to facilitate F-1 OPT appointments. OPT is a benefit of F-1 student status that allows students to work off-campus in a field related to their areas of study. Students do not need job offers to apply for OPT. To use OLAS for OPT appointments, students should be ready to apply and have all the paperwork prepared. Students who are not ready to make an appointment, but are interested in gathering information about OPT and other types of work permission should review the F-1 Student Employment Permission section.

In order to accommodate the high volume of applicants from GSAS, HBS, HLS, GSD and Extension School, group OPT sessions are recommended. When you indicate your department in the system, choose the option for your school followed by (OPT). For example, a student from HBS should choose (Business OPT).


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